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In Hagakure we create knowledge and believe in global practices of local and individual action. We offer solutions adapted to each customer and promote research in two strategic areas: leadership and coaching.


Our leading product is the Warrior Styles Inventory®, which has been subject to a series of updates already in the pilot phase since 2011. Currently it has successfully passed several tests at different international forums, thanks to its original and appropriate archetypes of warriors inspired by four ancient cultures: the Spartan, the Viking, the culture of the desert and the Maya.


The inventory is in the final stages of scientific validation in a doctoral thesis written by Carlos Ortiz Vancini and has been a great success in more than 500 applications with people from 32 different countries, including managerial groups from companies with which cultural transformation and leadership without borders® development processes have been conducted. The inventory of warrior styles in most of our interventions is the starting point to identify, not only the personal style, but also to carry out the alignment of all the members of a team in a program of cultural transformation. To find out more about the warrior cultures that give rise to the archetypes, click here.


We are creators of:

⋅ The Hagakure® Coaching System

⋅  The inventory of warrior styles®

⋅  Certification in leadership without borders®

⋅  The program of Coaching for leaders with a practical approach®

⋅  The international certification in Coaching skills, with ACTP accreditation by the ICF

⋅  The Master of expertise for professional coaches "Inner Voices Master"

Culturas Guerreras


⋅ Laura Fierro Evans “Coaching para líderes: un aporte desde la práctica”, edit. Granica.

⋅ “Coaching Leaders: leverage the power of your Inner Voices to become a Leader.”

⋅ Periodic collaborations in the section of SMEs of the Galicia Bank in Argentina:




Our mission is to accompany people, teams and organizations in their transformation processes towards leadership styles based on coaching, as well as the development of inclusive cultures with conditions that permit everyone to reach their full potential and achieve the organizational objectives systemically and effectively.

Tel : +52 1 442 226 5483

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