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We are a community of professionals united by a passion: make an impact on society through raising the level of awareness of the impact of our actions and to promote personal responsibility.


We seek to improve our way of relating to each other, regardless of the culture of origin, the company’s line of business and the society we belong to.

We dream of making the world a better place than as we found it. In Hagakure Leadership & Coaching we have the deep-seated conviction, based on our own experience, that the communities are the basis for the evolution and the transformation toward personal and organizational best practices.

Both the results, the growth and the positioning of Hagakure would not be possible without the commitment of each of the associated coaches of our international community that continues to expand.


To become a coach associated with the Hagakure system, you have to go through a rigorous process of alignment to our values and our system, or you can be a graduate of any of our programs





Our mission is to accompany people, teams and organizations in their transformation processes towards leadership styles based on coaching, as well as the development of inclusive cultures with conditions that permit everyone to reach their full potential and achieve the organizational objectives systemically and effectively.

Tel : +52 1 442 226 5483

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