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What is coaching?

The process of helping people or teams to achieve the maximum of their capabilities. This implies extracting forces out of such persons, helping them transcend their personal barriers to reach the best of themselves, and facilitate the process so that they act more effectively as members of a team. (R. Dilts)

What is a coach?

The Coach is a trained professional in establishing relationships with his customers through a creative and reflective process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential. The coach honors the customer as the expert in his own life and work, and believes that every customer is creative, complete and has the required resources to achieve his objectives. (ICF)

What is the responsibility of the coach in the relationship with the customer?

- Discover, clarify and align himself to what the customer wants to achieve

- Promote self-discovery

- Encourage the customer to propose solutions and strategies

- Hold the customer responsible for his results

- Promote action-oriented learning.



What type of training do you receive during an International Hagakure Certification?

Training in the 11 key competencies for coaches defined by the ICF, among which the most important are:

- Create a coaching agreement, objectives for the process and a relationship of trust and openness.

- Listen actively, have presence and communicate openly

- Carry out research using powerful questions and applying inner team techniques.

- Physical and emotional management in coaching

- Follow-up and achievement of objectives


What is the added value of this program compared to other certifications?

- Solidity in contents and ethics. 202 hours of training including face-to-face sessions, international teleconferences, personal accompaniment by means of mentor coaching, virtual learning and practice communities with customers.

- Guaranteed competence development and clear and manageable structure. At the end of the program, you must prove that you are competent and can carry out a session and a coaching process according to the ICF international standards.

- Development of multicultural sensitivity.

- Development of skills for long distance coaching, which is one of the most important competencies in a globalized world.

- A training that is carried out by an entire community of international coaches, of recognized reputation and extensive experience in accompanying people to be developed as coaches.

- The international ACTP accreditation of ICF grants you the standard as a coach to the most demanding customers in any country in the world.

- Learning based on the Hagakure® system, handling of the Warriors® styles and the methodology of the inner team, which is one of the most powerful methodologies. The only Spanish-speaking program that teaches it.

If I work in a company and am leading a team, would it be helpful to become a certified coach?

Definitely. Most of our participants are company directors, human resources managers or owners committed to create the best conditions as leaders in order for their businesses to flourish.



Our mission is to accompany people, teams and organizations in their transformation processes towards leadership styles based on coaching, as well as the development of inclusive cultures with conditions that permit everyone to reach their full potential and achieve the organizational objectives systemically and effectively.

Tel : +52 1 442 226 5483

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