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⋅The recurring problems in organizations have a name: the culture that supports them.

⋅ When staff turnover is unstoppable, when the organizational climate does not improve despite taking apparently corrective action, when the company does not achieve results at a high personal and emotional cost, when each area works for its own benefit and competes against the others as if they were enemies and not parts of the same system, you should do something to transform the culture from its root because the "patch" solutions do not work.

⋅ An initiative of cultural transformation is very different from a "change management" program. Change is threatening, and a process of transformation with the Hagakure system is an opportunity for all members of the organization to contribute based on a different view of themselves. It starts at the head and we work at transverse level with key people from all areas and levels.





Our mission is to accompany people, teams and organizations in their transformation processes towards leadership styles based on coaching, as well as the development of inclusive cultures with conditions that permit everyone to reach their full potential and achieve the organizational objectives systemically and effectively.

Tel : +52 1 442 226 5483

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