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International certification in coaching

ACTP competencies. First level.

Certification of specialization for professional

coaches, Inner Team Master Training, ACSTH, 100 hours

Certification in Leadership without borders®

● Do you want to get certified as a coach? Send a message to communicate with us, so we can answer all your question


● In Hagakure Leadership and Coaching we prepare professionals who are committed to the change that our society needs, in terms of powerful interventions that lead us to sustainable solutions.


● The International Certification in Coaching Competencies is based on the Hagakure® system of coaching and is inspired by the Psychology of selves, the German method of the "inner team" and systemic principles. Unlike any other program, we offer our participants an interdisciplinary and intercultural training focused on the development of ICF key competencies.


● We have a team of ICF coaches from 8 different countries that guarantee diversity as one of our core values. 202 hours of training. Classroom modules, virtual conferences by international speakers, on-site supervised practice; individual mentor coaching process. Learning communities.


● This program is offered in different locations. We will soon start the 5th generation in Querétaro, Mexico, and the second in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.neración en Querétaro, México y la segunda en Santo Domingo, Rep. Dominicana.

● The Hagakure® system is distinguished by its own methodology, inspired by the Samurai thinking and the Hagakure precepts and fed by the psychology of Jung, the Psychology of Selves and the coaching of the inner team by the German Schulz von Thun.


● En esta certificación de segundo nivel, el coach profesional se especializa en las herramientas del sistema, como lo son en primer lugar los Estilos Guerreros® y el proceso de transformación que se lleva a cabo trabajando desde esta plataforma con los clientes.


● In this second level certification, the professional coach specializes in system tools, such as warrior styles® primarily, and the process of transformation that takes place working with customers based on this platform.


● This program emphasizes the development of one of the skills that distinguish a master from an apprentice: presence.


●  This certification is addressed to those who desire more than anything to learn from themselves, from the diversity and duality of their inner team, and who are willing to go on a personal journey of transformation in order to be able afterwards to accompany their customers in processes as profound as those experienced in the flesh.


● Passing this certification is a requirement for those coaches wishing to join our international community of coaches associated with Hagakure.


● This program is currently available in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic and Queretaro, Mexico. If you are interested in becoming part of our community, please contact us here.

“"Learning cannot be designed. It  can only be facilitated or frustrated.”

Etienne Wenger

As an avant-garde program that transcends the managerial skills that are commonly offered on the market, leaders today face greater challenges they need to be prepared for. Leading asynchronous teams from a distance, achieve results in increasingly more global environments and challenge their own paradigms against the paradigms of people with different cultural backgrounds, are some of the new challenges that determine the need for development of leaders without borders®.


It is our intention to train leaders who promote the knowledge within organizations through the creation of communities of practice, which are characterized by being inclusive, collaborative, and multicultural and find new and creative ways of resolving situations of the organization.


Why promote learning in the organization?

⋅ Organizations are practice-oriented.

⋅ They do what they do, know what they know and learn what they learn through practice.

⋅ As a result, communities of practice are important for the organization to be competent and for that competence to evolve.

⋅ Based on the communities of practice the collective result of the organization is enhanced.


Benefits of becoming certified as a leader without borders

⋅ Design your own capacity of expansion and transformation

Impact on the Organization through the promotion of learning from diversity.

Transcend in the organization based on building and exchanging knowledge to achieve results.

Create an inclusive work culture based on learning by doing.

Develop skills to help your communities to transcend any obstacles derived from personal, social, and gender or culture styles.

⋅ By the end of 2015 we will have already 40 public officials and 80 company managers in the Dominican Republic certified as leaders without borders.



Our mission is to accompany people, teams and organizations in their transformation processes towards leadership styles based on coaching, as well as the development of inclusive cultures with conditions that permit everyone to reach their full potential and achieve the organizational objectives systemically and effectively.

Tel : +52 1 442 226 5483

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